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5 Home Smells That Are Health Dangers

Apr 20, 2021

5 Home Smells That Are Health Dangers

Bad smells in the home aren’t just unpleasant; they can affect your health. For example, senior adults can have severe breathing issues if mold is around. Other odors contribute to headaches and allergies. Here are five of the worst smells and how to fix them!

1. Rotten Eggs

The main cause of a strong smell of rotten eggs is a natural gas leak. Natural gas can explode, so this smell is a major warning sign. What should you do?

Get out of the house right away.

Call the gas company once your family is safely outside.

Don’t use your phone inside the house.

Don’t touch any light switches.

Don’t start your car.

After that, wait for technicians to arrive, turn your gas off remotely and fix the problem safely. They’re trained for this specific situation.

2. Musty Odors

Musty smells point to mold or mildew growth. This can be caused by too much moisture and too little ventilation in a room. Your home may also have a leaking pipe or roof.

No matter the cause, mold is something you need to deal with right away. It’s bad for your respiratory health, especially if you have asthma or allergies.

One way to prevent mold from appearing is to install a dehumidifier. If your home already has mildew problems, hire a certified mold removal company. In the case of leaky pipes or roofs, a general contractor can help.

3. Fish or Burning Rubber

A fishy smell is normal if you’ve been cooking fish. If not, the culprit is probably burning wires or an overheating appliance. This situation is a huge fire hazard.

First, check where the smell is coming from. If you’re in the kitchen at the time, smell any plugged-in sandwich makers, rice cookers or crockpots. In other rooms, look at turned-on devices and nearby electrical outlets for signs of burning.

Once you have an idea where the electrical problem is, turn off the circuit breaker for that room. Then, call an electrician to fix the wiring.

4. Gym Socks

A sweaty odor in a teen’s bedroom may simply be some dirty laundry. If you’re a stickler for tidiness and your home still smells like a gym, however, there’s probably bacteria growing in the air ducts. You don’t want to be breathing microbes every day, so it’s time to give your HVAC vents, filters and coils a thorough cleaning. Call a heating and ventilation professional for help.

5. Sewage

It’s impossible to miss the terrible smell of sewage odors. The gasses and bacteria from sewer leaks are dangerous for health, potentially causing people to get sick or pass out. Fortunately, these odors are often easy to get rid of.

Check your shower drains. If you haven’t used them in a while, try running some water for a few minutes. This usually takes care of things.

Clogged sinks may also be the problem. You can usually unclog them yourself, but we recommend calling a plumber to avoid getting grossed out. Plumbers have the right tools to completely clean the interior of pipes

Protect Your Family's Health

Don’t ignore bad odors or try to cover them up with candles and air freshener. Get rid of the real problem, instead. Improving your home’s indoor air quality gives you great benefits, helping you enjoy each day more and giving you a great night’s sleep.

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